I am very confused

Everyone has hard times in life where they had to struggle in life. There were times when everyone of us could only afford cheap items like pasta, beans, and ramen. I was lucky to have some type of protein once each week. Every one of us had trouble paying for all of our bills, because everyone of us had an old in efficient heating and A/C component. As much as everyone of us tried our best to legitimately conserve the power for our heating, ventilation, and A/C component, our bills were still higher than we could afford. Every one of my friends and I never went anywhere like the movies or bars, and we used numerous of our dollars to pay the rent and utilities. Later, every one of my friends and I legitimately found out that our utility company offers energy credits during the summer. For some people who are overwhelmed by the cost of utility bills, they company can help with credit or assistance. If people struggle with paying utility bills, perhaps the utility provider would be able to give some assistance in one specific Direction. It would be difficult for everyone of us to go without our A/C component. During the summer, we could legitimately risk heat exposure and other symptoms that can cause illness. The A/C component is necessary during the summer months, but no one tells us how to pay for all of the expensive bills just to keep the indoor air quality comfortable and cool. There aren’t too many other choices for us southern folk.

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