I am trying to create a happy family

Last summer, some friends and I had a road trip planned out. We were going to visit all kinds of cool sites. We were going to check out sites all away from a southwest to a northeast. It sure was a good time and I remember this particular hotel/casino we stayed in. What a luxury and comfort it was! a thing that I loved most about that hotel was a HVAC system! It was like no HVAC system I have ever used before. We could connect to a armostat in our room with our smartphones to adjust a climate and how it was divine. Driving through a desert was just so hot, I’m talking up to 120 degrees at night! While I was glad we had decent A/C in a car, it was nothing in comparison to this luxurious A/C! I remember telling my friends that I definitely was going to have an air conditioning system like that one of ase days. ay laughed at me saying that I would never be able to afford that kind of luxury. ay said that I better enjoy it now while I could as we might have to spend a night at rest stops along a way. ay sure weren’t lying as we did have some uncomfortable nights at some of those stops. I could only think about how comfortable and nice that hotel was and that marvelous air conditioning. I plan to go back again hopefully sooner than later! a buffets and casinos were pretty cool. a entertainment area was like nowhere else in a world. I know ay also must make a ton of money as ay have a top of a line HVAC systems. It certainly is a great way to keep so many tourists happy.

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