I am starting to learn

I remember being in my senior year of undergraduate school, and I was rounding out my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. I’d worked as a heating and AC contractor overnight to help pay for university, so I had plenty of on the job training to compliment my formal education. Then prior to graduation, one of my friends from my old village reached out to me, asking for help in building a DIY refrigerator. He’d explained how he attempted to build it for a class project, but grossly underestimated the expertise needed to put it together. I laughed, asking if he managed to shock himself–he said he nearly set fire to his kitchen trying to test it out! Laughing harder, I told him I’d come by later in the night to help him put it together… But when I got there, he showed me how far he’d got, and I couldn’t help but grin. While he assembled the condenser and refrigerant coils officially, he wired the unit in a way that it was pulling full power from the power outlet! I shook my head, asking if he took the time to learn about electrical wiring before pursuing the project. He scratched his head, saying that was the point of the project… Oh man, this awful kid was doomed!

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