I am serious about that

I have been driving the same beat up car since I turned sixteen. My parents made we job all summer time to save currency for a car and then told me they would match whatever I made. It is taxing to make a bunch of currency really working at an ice cream shop, however I did the best I could. I would borrow my moms car every day so that I could get to work, then at the end of the summer time I was so blissful that I had my own car and was able to drive myself to school in the day. However, I am now in my twenties and I am in desperate need of a new car, then everything is broken for the most area and the a/c just died on my last week. It is the middle of the summer time so I can’t just drive around without the a/c really working properly. I really hope it doesn’t cost too much to have the a/c fix, however I guess I would rather pay for a new a/c than a whole new car. I really want to save up enough currency to have a new car this time next year. I don’t guess I can take driving this thing for much longer and without a/c it is an actual nightmare. I am going to call a mechanic that specializes in HVAC for cars and fingers crossed that it does not cost an arm and a leg to fix.

fix my HVAC