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The energy bills are skyrocketing.  I made my home in the southern region so this is not anything new but rather exasperating during summer months.  The air runs a staggering amount as the heat hits down here. I’ve desired to mitigate my cost of cooling for a while now yet was too lazy to set out to do it.  Not this year. I’ve spent only a few afternoons researching way in which to help save on high energy bills. I called my local HVAC guy too; he gave me some great tips to start with.  It all begins with the main thermostat. It appears that the technology of a smart device is the way to go. They are, by far, the most efficient at maintaining a consistent temperature.  Initially, I had to set my unit to 81 or 82 degrees while I am gone at work. When I return, I lower it again to the 77 degree mark. Before I sleep, I then turn to 74 degrees. All of this alteration of the air conditioning while working work is a common mistake;  the house and everything in it gets too warm. Since the AC is essentially off, it then takes too much energy to cool things down once again. Additionally, the levels of humidity can become too high and then becomes an arena for mold spores to multiply. Curtains were installed on the windows that transfer direct sunlight.  By heating ambient air from this direct sun, it can become an unwanted source of additional heat in the summertime. I have also incorporated fans to my cooling plan. Fans tend to cost a penny an hour to run. That is nothing compared to nearly 40 cents per kilowatt hour for the Heating and A/C. Fans help cool the skin which tricks the mind into feeling as if it’s cooler than what the thermostat reads.  I also insist that my HVAC unit is tuned up twice yearly without missing a scheduled maintenance. My plan is to save about 15 percent on energy bills by using these suggestions.

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