I am receiving a lot of help

I am updating the lanai attached to my house. The lanai used to be all screens that let in dirt, water and wind. The overhead fan got disgusting and the tile flooring looks terrible. My updates included taking out the screen and replacing with airtight windows. I swapped out the tile floor for nice hardwood. I also ripped out the icky overhead fan. Now that the lanai gets no fresh air or has an overhead fan, it is sweltering. The sunlight pours in from the windows. I feel like I am in a sauna or in a tanning booth. I think my next change will be getting a ductless air conditioner installed. The ductless mini split can easily mount on the one wall with the outdoor air compressor outside of the wall. I could have cooling powering that small room basically all year. It would costs me hardly anything. The room is airtight with the windows. No AC would leak out and cost me money. The ductless mini split would only affect the lanai’s temperature. It would be almost dirt cheap to cool that room for the few hours I spend out there. The only issue would be coming up with the cash to buy the ductless AC and install it. I already spent a ton of money on the other lanai updates. I can’t really afford to sink another few hundred dollars into that room. I could maybe try to make it through Winter and then spring for the AC in the Summer. That way I can gather some money.

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