I am keeping up just fine

My kid finally purchased a new home.  She was so excited to be buying this new home that he never even asked about the heating.  She thought it was cool that there was an outdoor wood burning furnace to keep the new home warm.  She had many acres of wooded property and all he could tell myself and others was that it was going to be free fuel.  I don’t believe about anyone else, however my furnace is better than hers. Free fuel is fuel that is delivered with no payment.  She pays big time for the fuel for his furnace. They not only need to go out and cut the wood, however then they need to cut it.  They had to spend money for the splitter. Now, whenever they need to be the wood into the furnace, regardless of the weather, they need to go outside and stack the multiple foot by multiple foot hopper, full of wood.  They then need to open up the back of the furnace and get the water rotating throughout the furnace, so they can add humidity to the house, and not just heat. The heat is great inside the house, if you are at the main entrance where the heat comes in first.  When you get to the upstairs back rooms, it is prefer there are no heating vents. The heat is so exhausting that it is frosty. I’m not sure if it is easily free heat when you have so many things you need to do and so much work to go through. I will stick with my oil furnace and spend money for the oil that feeds itself and I don’t need to cut anything, or go out at evening.

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