I am in a depression

Everyone in my family is not an avid traveler. Everyone in my family tends to want to stay home, while being able to enjoy all of the amenities in our own place. With that said, everyone of my friends plus myself felt it was time for an extravagant vacation to a fancy country. A single thing that more than one of us did not anticipate, was how honestly tepid the outdoor temperatures would become. Several buildings in the area did not have an air conditioner. Even our own beach condo was without central air conditioning equipment. Every one of my friends plus myself had a small window air conditioning unit in our bedroom, but there wasn’t anything in the main parts of the house. Most of us were ready to come home three days into our trip. I honestly felt it would have been much more fun to stay at home, plus I will remember this every time every one of my friends tries to suggest that we go somewhere again. Most of us were miserable, plus everything was compounded by the lack of air conditioning equipment. All day long, the outdoor humid temperatures were above 90 degrees. Every one of my friends plus myself we’re honestly without a way to stay cool. Even a cool damp washcloth on our head didn’t really help. Everyone of us were very happy to finally return back home, plus stand in front of the air conditioning equipment for the rest of the day. You won’t see me in a foreign land any time soon.

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