I am having the hardest time working with our HVAC contractor

Some things on the HVAC units were even damaged

When we decided to renovate the house that we just purchased, we had no idea what we were in for. We were new to the area that we were trying to buy a house, so we had no idea who to call. We hire a general contractor to do most of the repairs and rebuilding of the house, and he recommended a personal friend to help us upgrade the HVAC units in the house. Apparently, the furnace had not been used in an extremely long time, and there had never been any sort of central air conditioner. Unfortunately, though we love the general contractor, the HVAC contractor that we have been working with is not good. When we met with the HVAC technician, everything seemed nice. He seemed to understand what we want, and he even helped us pick out a new furnace and central air conditioner. From that point, things got bad. The HVAC technician purchased the wrong HVAC units, and he had to return them twice. After installing the furnace and air conditioner, we were told that everything was ready to be hooked up to the electricity. However, the other contractors began pointing out noticeable mistakes and flaws in the HVAC work. Some things on the HVAC units were even damaged. From this point, we couldn’t get ahold of the HVAC technician to fix it. When we did, he claimed that we had broken the HVAC units and their connections! Thankfully, we had prepared for this moment and quickly requested a refund, per the contract. Though the HVAC technician was not happy, he did what we requested.

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