I am happy with my new furnace

After the last winter, I don’t suppose our roommates will ever forget to schedule an oil delivery, and with more than three of us in a single house, and all of us working odd schedules, things get forgotten all of the time, however our roommate who has the nicest credit card is the only with the oil furnace billing in their name… That way, we don’t have to worry about money going awry when its time to be billed, and we can all pay up through the multiple awesome apps and electronic programs we have nowadays. Well, one time last winter, the oil tank was starting to run low near the end of winter. The last few months of Winter in the northeast are some of the worst… It’s as if the season just doesn’t want to let go, and fought with all it had not to let Spring begin, so we had a single last disappointing Winter storm. That Noreaster lasted two afternoons and dumped over two feet of snow! All of us were incredibly lucky that we didn’t lose power, when so many counties around us were total blackouts, but however, this did not mean we were warm, my roommates had forgotten to book the oil tank fill-up for so long that our appointment was for day two of the storm. The heavy snow and exhausting roads delayed deliveries by a week… By day three, we had to shut the whole thing off, because we were too close to running dry. While we had our lights on and a few section heaters, there was no more oil furnace until we could get more fuel.

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