I am getting quite nervous

I have to say that of all the seasons, Fall is my favorite.  I love the cool crisp days and how the leaves fall change to beautiful oranges and reds. I like the smell of pumpkin spice, apples and anything else that screams fall. However, most of all I like the fall fashion! Layering clothing is perfect for colder seasons! Every year I pack away my summer clothing and pull out ny fall clothes. I also, get my home prepared for winter. Last winter, I was so busy with work that I forgot to get my HVAC system checked out and when I went to turn on the heat for the first time, it didn’t work. I spent the first week of cold weather freezing because of this oversight. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one in this predicament, because when I called for the appointment, there were not openings. Once the technician finally arrived, they didn’t have the appropriate parts, and I was aggravated that I needed to wait an additional day to get the system fixed. I vowed to never wait until Winter again to make sure my furnace is in working order.  I even signed up for the companies annual maintenance plan so that they would send me a reminder when the time came for my tune ups. If you are like me and tend to get busy or forgetful, I highly recommend that you do the same. The last thing you want to have to do is spend a week, like I did, with no heat or air conditioning when you really need it.

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