I am geared up!

I don’t like going to carnivals, fairs or amusement parks! They all are exactly the same. The food is super unhealthy and sticky dessert everywhere. The ground is dirty and uneven. The rides are even more gross and totally unsafe. The people are fat, annoying and super loud, then needless to say, I avoid theme parks when I can. My boys begged and begged for me to take them this Summer so I finally caved. The park was just as horrible as  I remembered! I spent the whole time taking our boys to lavatories or waiting in line, but all of us got sick off the gross food they served. To top it all off, it was around a million degrees. The sun was blasting on us all day long and there was no A/C in sight, then even the wait to the rides were not shaded or cooled, and how taxing would that be? I am not expecting beach roller coaster to have a ductless mini split cooling system setup! But a little fan on the wall or sit up fan blowing on people would be nice. There was an arcade center that I took our boys to. I expected the arcade to at least have some form of cooling. Nope, the arcade had no sealed doors and all open windows. At least the roof blocked out sun, but the air was hot. No a/c just made it even hotter. The amusement park must have been too cheap to install an cooling system unit. I just wanted a single spot to have A/C for me. No such luck on that.

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