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My wifey plus I prefer to go to amusement parks; Every one of us like to ride on roller coasters. Every one of us prefer to feel the thrill of a fast-moving amusement park ride, however for our anniversary this year, our wifey plus I decided to go to a big theme park; It was the first time every one of us went to the theme park, plus every one of us were excited. Every one of us purchased theme park passes for several days. Every one of us rented a nice hotel that was only a mile from the theme park… The nightly rate was costly, but they had a shuttle to take us to the park each afternoon, my wifey plus I were entirely mad, when every one of us inspected into the hotel. They told us there was a $25 monthly surcharge for air conditioning system; At first, our wifey plus I were laughing. Every one of us believed they were trying to pull a prank on several tourist. When they insisted the 25 monthly surcharge was real, our wifey plus I were entirely angry. Every one of us did not see a disclaimer on our hotel reservation, plus every one of us never heard of a surcharge for cold air conditioning system. My wifey plus I did not want to sleep with out cold air conditioning system, so every one of us paid the surcharge. Every one of us performed some research on our PC, plus found out that a lot of resorts charge a monthly surcharge for air conditioning system. Every one of us spent nearly $1,000 for the theme park tickets, plus the resort doesn’t even have free air conditioning system. The next time our wifey plus I choose a fun destination, every one of us are going to read the hotel pamphlet more rigidly.

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