I am doing okay

All the saving that i’ve done these past five years is about to be worth it.  I bought a house six years ago that I knew would need to be upgraded. However, I felt that if I was going to invest a large amount of money, why not turn it up a notch. The local HVAC company came out, four years ago to guide me on upgrading my HVAC system.  They told me that since my house was older, I should think about replacing more than just the old heating and cooling unit. I took their advice. The HVAC company helped me choose the right HVAC system for this house. They also cleaned the ducts and cleared out the ventilation in the attic.  Prior to the actual HVAC install, I took out all the windows in my house. They were all old windows. I had them replaced with the latest in double pane technology. They are super tight. I replaced my front door and storm door for more up to date models. It was a no brainer. Once I signed off on the installation of the new HVAC unit, I immediately thought prevention.  The HVAC company I use has a program where an HVAC technician comes out to inspect and adjust the HVAC system three to four times per year. I’m satisfied to have all the updates in my home. Now, I will do whatever it takes to maintain it and keep it going for the next and years to come. I feel I have made the very most of my new HVAC installation.

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