I am considering a modern heat pump

I was talking to my HVAC technician and I told him I thought I was just about ready to have that new HVAC system installed. He started to laugh and told me that if I was sure, he would come over and showed me some new systems I could choose from. He and I were friends so I invited he and his wife over for dinner that night. My wife and I had been friends with Pete and his wife for years now. I didn’t even know he was working for the same HVAC company I used until we had an emergency one night and he offered to fix it for me. He said he would take care of the bill when he got to work. They were at the house and right after dinner we all sat down to look at the paperwork he had brought with him. I looked at HVAC systems like the one we had now and then I looked at some modern HVAC ideas. He showed me pictures of the new heat pump and I was impressed. I had never heard of a heat pump and he began to laugh. He asked me what planet I was from because the heat pump has been around for almost fifty years. I was brought up around forced air furnaces, so I had never heard of the heat pump. I wanted to find out more about the heat pump and discuss it with my wife, but it seemed like it would be perfect for our home.

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