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At a particular time, the air conditioning equipment can honestly be more than one of your best friends. At a particular time, there are some natural occurrences that would lead some women into problems that stem from menopause issues. Menopause issues can be a great way for someone to find out if they’re air conditioning equipment is working well or not. When my mother-in-law had menopause issues, she was constantly complaining about the indoor air quality. Most of us were suffering right alongside of her, because she consistently had the thermostat set to 66°. Most of us would be shivering with our teeth chattering, while Mom was running around the house practically naked. My mother-in-law has suffered from these sizzling flashes for almost a year, before we decided to purchase an A/C equipment just for her bedroom. My mother-in-law has a room that honestly faces West, plus we found this is the best area to place an A/C unit. Every one of my friends plus myself honestly got together to install the A/C equipment. My mother-in-law was honestly very happy with our choice to put an A/C unit directly into her bedroom. For the next year, she still continue to have the same heat flashes, but she was very comfortable to stay in her room with the A/C unit running on high. I never saw my mother in law during that entire time, because she spent most of it sulking over the hot flashes. I’m glad she was finally comfortable and out of our hair.

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