I am a very honest guy

The one grocery store in my town is uniquely horrible. Because of the lack of competition, the owners way overprice the store items. It is also  the dirtiest place on this earth. I have no idea how the health department can let it pass the health regulations. You can find dust layering the shelves and the floors. Even the shelves in the produce section are grimey. For me, the worst part of being in the store is seeing the air conditioning system covered with a layer of dust. I know this because if you walk to the back where the registers are located  you can see the large HVAC unit that heats and cools the store. The heating and cooling unit sticks way out from the wall. Therefore, it acts like large shelf just ready to accumulate a huge amount of dust. That dust then somehow gets taken up into the HVAC system. When the HVAC comes on, the dust that had gotten into the cooled air is circulated throughout the store. The quality of the indoor is very bad, and it is not  healthy for the people in the store; also the dust is deposited on the food which the store is selling. How do they avoid doing the most basic maintenance on the HVAC unit? I understand that a dirty floor might be acceptable. Likewise, dust on the shelves is not ideal, but if the food on them is boxed, it might be considered acceptable. The poor air quality of the HVAC device is not acceptable because it has the downside of possibly affecting  the health of anyone inhaling it. If the store would simply replace the unit’s filter one time a month it would help to alleviate problem. Other helpful measures to be taken would be to brush the dust off of the top of the unit every now and then. An inspection once a year by a professional HVAC repairman who could take a peek inside of the device would be helpful; it would make the HVAC unit run better than it does at this time. Who knows what their intent is; maybe they want to make that store dirty through and through.

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