I always loved film

When we got home one afternoon, I saw that our family was together around the TV seeing some old videos. The video they were looking at was an episode I could clearly remember.  I think my son was just a little child maybe 4 years old and he tried playing with the old thermostat in that old house. The video was me questioning him about the thermostat; he said it looked cool and was a fun toy so he just wanted to play, but I informed him that it was indeed not a toy at all, and that it was the dial that controlled the heating & cooling for our home. I told him the reasons why it was so warm inside the room was because he raised the temp setting on the thermostat which tells our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system to warm up the house. He said he didn’t get it would do that and he could cry, however I told him it was okay. I said now that he can see what it is, I would make a deal with him. I said if he swore not to play with thermostats anymore, and he didn’t, he would have a brand new present in a week. He totally lit up about that and was entirely  pleased. It wasn’t a reward so much for him not messing around with the thermostat, however it was a reward for listening and knowing about our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, that it was not a plaything to mess around with. It was actually a really dear video, and he didn’t cry. He ended with getting this toy race car that he very much still has to this day.

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