I accept the challenge

On most weekdays, I do the best I can to save energy by keeping my Air Conditioner turned off. I do this because I spend more than half of my days at my office, and by the time I arrive at my house around 6:00 pm each day, the sun has went down, and I’m able to function with just the ceiling fans in use. I do this because I realized that it makes my light bill significantly less than it has been in the past couple of years. As expected, there are times when I do utilize the Air Conditioner more than others. On the weekends, I spend most of my time at home, so I keep the Air Condition then. One thing that I had installed since I started doing this was a smart control unit. The smart control component is enjoyable because if I ever forget to adjust the control component before leaving my house, I can change the settings from my cellular phone without having to go back home. This is one of the best pieces of technology I have come across in a long time. Now, I guess that I have much more control over my Heating and Air Conditioning unit, and I put much more thought into how things operate in my space. I guess more people should try to make small efforts like this because it would allow us to collectively reduce the amount of energy that we all use. This is something that the people in the world could all benefit from! Next, I guess I’m going to take this even further and get a zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning component installed. I’m going at this energy conservation thing as a challenge now, and I want to do an even better job in the future.