When my friends and I were in college, we raised a lot of hell. We caused a lot of problems, and drank a lot of beer. We constantly had loud parties, and we knew most of the city cops by name. My friends and I always found ways to get ourselves out of trouble. In fact, not much has changed since we are adults. My friend Kenny and I were driving home from work yesterday, and we decided to open a cold one on the way home. We each had one beer in the work truck. Kenny and I had a long day of HVAC repairs, and we were ready to go home. Kenny blew through a yellow light, and we heard the sirens behind us. Kenny and I thought we were doomed for sure, until we saw our old cop friend Bob. As soon as Bob saw Kenny and I, he recognized us immediately. He didn’t even ask for our license and registration. Bob asked if Kenny and I were certified HVAC technicians, and we both nodded in affirmation. Bob said that he was willing to forget the open containers, if we could come fix his furnace this weekend. Kenny and I had no way of knowing what trouble was occurring with the furnace, but we certainly didn’t want a ticket for an open container in our work truck. Kenny and I agreed to look at the furnace. Bob said the furnace is still working, but not producing a lot of heat. Since this is a common problem, Kenny and I will probably be able to repair the furnace with no issue.

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