HVAC World Is Making Us Soft

The Heating & A/C field is 1 big conspiracy, and I can prove it! Now, before you think I am crazy, I don’t want to make it sound that I worry that aliens have created Heating & A/C units to dominate the human race.

I’m not thinking that oil heating systems and central air conditioners were developed by alien technology.

No my guess is that Heating & A/C units might be the downfall of the country, and that the technology was introduced by a foreign country, to soften us from the inside? You could make them too cowed to be able to fight at all. In this society, oil heating systems and air conditioners are making us soft and neutered. With oil furnaces, we have lost real survival skills that we would need in the wild. With the oil furnace, we don’t even need to be able to light a fire to stay warm. If someone was to take away our electricity, our heating systems would shut off, and we would swiftly freeze to death. But air conditioners are even worse! Because of air conditioners, the young kids don’t want to go outside and learn how to play outside and learn real labor.Basically air conditioners have made kids spend all their time plopped in front of a TV or a PC and waste their lives away.Nowadays kids don’t want to leave their air-conditioned comfort to serve their country, and they are too pathetic to survive the elements. Heating & A/C units are dangerous when used very single moment, and we have long ago lost the quality of hardiness. I’m not saying we should throw away oil heating systems and air conditioners, but we need to be prepared to survive.



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