HVAC updates

I have this motto and that is that unless I can see something working, I am not going to buy just because some suggests it.  I am like that with everything I buy. Last month, I got the energy bill and I was shocked to see how much more we were paying this year, over last year.  I complained about the energy company. My wife told me that it was the fault of the electric company. She told me that there was an energy leak in the house or in the HVAC system.  We wanted to make sure, so I called the HVAC company. They had this program where they would help us to find out if there were any places in the house, where we could be losing heating or air conditioning.  He checked out our home and showed us where we needed to seal, and they offered the service to do the sealing. When this was done, he told us about the Smart Thermostat. He hooked up the Smart Thermostat by using the same wires that were in our old thermostat.  Since we had WiFi, it was easy for him to show us how the Smart Thermostat could also help us to save energy. We can now use our SmartPhones or our laptop to monitor our energy use. We can change the setting on the thermostats, with our Smart Phone. The new Smart Thermostat will even send us alerts if there is something going wrong with the heating or the air conditioning.  It will also notify us if there is an area in the house that exceeds our low or high limits on the temperature settings.

HVAC control plan