HVAC services: key to success

Like any technology we use on a regular basis, our heating and cooling technology needs to be cared for and maintained.

Yet, most people take their HVAC systems for granted. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their cars, phones and computers, but neglect maintenance and tune-ups on their air conditioners and heaters. What perhaps many do not realize is that without quality heating and air conditioning, much of what we do on a daily basis is not possible. Try, for example, focusing in a business meeting when it is ninety-eight degrees and one hundred percent humidity. Also consider those who do manual labor, such as shelving inventory, cleaning or moving? Working in extremely hot conditions (or extremely cold conditions) will not only hamper productivity, but poses a significant risk to health. Employers could even be held liable to any illness or injury experienced by workers forced to labor without proper indoor temperature control. Thus securing professional and timely HVAC services is crucial to maintaining home comfort, which is necessary so that we can go to work rested and in good form to be productive, and to ensuring the productivity of a work environment. There are, as mentioned, also potential legal obligations when we consider the extreme temperatures of some parts of the country. Having air conditioning and heating are requirements of a humane working environment. Restaurants and grocery stores are legally required to maintain certain indoor temperatures in order to prevent spoilage of food goods and the development of food-borne pathogens. They use commercial HVAC systems and know to secure HVAC services on a strict schedule since the health of their business and workers depends on it. For a full list of HVAC services, consult your HVAC provider.

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