HVAC ruins my podcast

I have to admit that since starting my podcast I have been on a creative hot streak. So far I am not exactly tearing up the charts, but I find the process so much fun that i feel creatively reinvigorated! Since it takes money to make money, I feel like I should invest a little more into myself for the good of the show. For example, getting a high quality microphone was one of the first investments I made, shortly followed by a good sound editing program. The next steps I take will be to upgrade my home office, which serves as my recording studio. The central A/C system for the house is located just on the other side of my office wall, which is becoming a problem. If I am in the middle of a recording and the AC kicks on it can ruin the whole take. Because of the wall we share, the vibrations of the HVAC equipment creates a low but very annoying hum in the background of the recording. My first thought was to just turn off the thermostat while I was recording, but sometimes I can go for a couple of hours which is a long time for no AC in my studio. My wife suggested I try a smart thermostat, which I can control from my computer or my phone. Once I have that installed I can click the AC on or off with the press of a button without having to walk down the hall and fuss around with the thermostat settings.