HVAC Room Ventilators Were the Answer We Were Looking For

Each and every year we host the extended family for the holidays. And each and every year whoever gets the back guest room complains the loudest about how cold they are in our home. It has actually gotten so worrisome that there are family members who now make a thing out of drawing straws for that room. That hurts. This year, I even gave up my own bedroom to sleep in the cold room over the holidays. Space heaters didn’t even really help. Besides, I can’t feel safe having those things on while I sleep. After the holidays, I called the HVAC folks to see if they could help me out. The HVAC guy was very through. He even had a thermal gun to read the temperature in different parts of the house. The HVAC pro went outside of the cold room to measure the temperature to see how much of HVAC treated air was pouring out into the night air. He did find a bit of a leak around the corner of one window. It was not significant enough to cause the total heat disparity in the room. So, the HVAC tech suggested that I go online and purchase some room to room ventilators. They are small fans that are inserted near the top of an adjoining wall. The fans are then able to pull or push air in or out of the room. If the room is cold, like ours, the fans will pull in additional heated air with the fans. I did just what he said and was amazed with the results. The cold guest room is perfect now.