HVAC install took a long time

Working as a certified HVAC specialist can be easy and it can also be a headache at times, however, I love what I do.

I would not be anything else in the world other than a certified HVAC specialist.

There are mornings like last Thursday that I wish I was not a certified HVAC specialist! We had, what should have been, a simple heating and cooling idea upgrade job to do! If things had gone right, we would have been in and out of that apartment within no more than a little over an hour! But, the HVAC company I work for happened to have loaded the wrong central heating and air conditioner idea onto the truck, and we didn’t realize it until we made the choice to go through the hassle of unloading this monster. When we were about to start the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C work on the upgrade is when the partner I was working with realized what had happened. We had to explain what happened to the apartment owner, and after that I had to call the heating in addition to air conditioner company to tell them their error. They ended up taking an hour to even get the HVAC component put on another truck and delivered to the location we were at. We were all undoubtedly angry at the situation. The apartment owner was nice and understood that mistakes happen. We finally got the Heating, Ventilation and A/C component installed and were out of there within an hour after we got the correct heating and cooling system. It was a very long day!

Cooling representative