HVAC contractor has difficulty finding my home for repair –

I built my home in the woods, on a dirt road, where there are no others houses for many miles. I like being surrounded by trees. My location is peaceful, quiet and totally private. I rarely see a car travel down my road. I’m able to leave my doors unlocked and the keys in my car.  I don’t mind driving over an hour for a doctor’s appointment or to get gas. I get most of my supplies through the mail. I order groceries, shoes, cleaning supplies and even furniture online and have it delivered to my doorstep. The biggest drawback of my location is hiring service professionals. If I need to have the washer, sump pump or water heater repaired, the plumber usually charges me extra because of the long drive. Very often, service professionals have trouble even finding my house. Last November, when my furnace started making some odd noises, I immediately called for repair. I knew I’d have trouble getting an appointment. If any parts needed to be replaced, I’d be waiting a long time. Since the weather was cooling off very quickly, I was eager to get any problems with the furnace resolved. I called three different HVAC companies before I found one who was willing to make the trip. I scheduled an appointment for the following morning, between 9AM and noon. I waited for three hours, but no one showed up. When I called the HVAC company to find out what happened, I was told the technician had simply gotten held up on another project. I was suspicious that he’d gotten lost. We rescheduled the appointment for the following morning. This time, I waited for him at the end of my driveway. As soon as I saw the HVAC service truck, I waved to him.

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