HVAC continuously circulating air

My sister is the best! We have always been genuinely close, & I’m sure that I can count on her whenever she is needed! Anytime I need her to help out with something, she is always happy to lend a hand, so when I recently moved into my new home & I noticed that my A/C was blowing tepid air, she didn’t hesitate to help.  I told her that it didn’t matter how I adjusted the thermostat, the issue continued, so after calling my sister, she got right into the car & came over to help me. When she arrived, she instantly knew what she needed to do, so first she replaced the air filter. I actually had no idea that this process needed to be done so soon, but my sister told me that it had to be done every month, & maybe the filter had not been changed by the last owner. She went on to say that the heating & air conditioning unit would continuously circulate dusty air otherwise.  Next, she took the hose & watered down the coils in the A/C, ridding the unit of excess dust & dirt. After that, she & I both noticed a change, with the air coming through the vents being noticeably cooler, & it smelled much cleaner. Without my sister, I would not have known how to take care of these things very well. Now, I assume I will be much better-equipped to take care of my home. My sister is so great & I just don’t know what I would do without her. I genuinely owe her a favor, & one day I hope I can repay it, however, I’m just not quite sure how I can, but I’m sure she’ll come up with something.

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