HVAC Company Decides to Forego Service of Heat Pumps

I am a bit annoyed with my Heating & A/C company! I was informed that they stopped providing heat pump service! UNfortunately for me, as a heat pump owner, the local HVAC company is no longer providing maintenance to heat pumps. The idea sort of makes sense because a lot of people in my area do not own have heat pumps as part of their HVAC systems. However, those of us who do have heat pumps are pretty nervous! If my heat pump breaks down I will be forced to use a far away company rather than call the local HVAC company to schedule some kind of Heating & A/C repair. I will now have to outsource to some heating & cooling dealership to people I don’t even know. This in turn will cost myself and others extra money because it will take a long time for the HVAC service crew to get to my house. The closest HVAC company to myself and others here that will maintenance heat pumps is two small towns away. This would be entirely costly in the long run. So I better just hope that my heat pump stays in good working order. If it does I will have to spend money double just to get the thing fixed. It may sound ridiculous to want to move to another city over something as dumb as a local HVAC company not providing a cartain style of Heating & A/C service – in this case heat pumps. But I am seriously considering moving to another city where a HVAC company will deliver myself and others Heating & A/C apartment services to work on my heat pump when it breaks down!

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