Husband causes air conditioner death

When every one of us turned on the cooling plan in early March, there were some troubles with it… Although it started right up, the cool air coming from the vents had an unpleasant, musty stink, however there seemed to be a lot more dust and debris getting blown in and yet less cool air than normal.

  • The plan was easily making more noise and struggling to keep up with demand; I did a little research into potential causes for the complications and realized the plan required maintenance; While the cooling plan had been sitting idle for numerous months, dust and other debris had mostly likely gotten inside.

The buildup of debris within the inner workings was restricting airflow and diminishing comfort levels. There was the potential of mold growth on the cooling coil and maybe even algae living in the condensate drain. I was hopeful that peak operation of the air conditioner could be restored with a call to a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning professional, but heating and Air Conditioning companys have the specialized technology, training and tools to take the air conditioner apart. All manufacturers request annual concernshooting, cleaning and adjustment of all ages and types of cooling component quarterly. Checking electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, verifying the condition of the belts, testing the control component and removing any buildup of contaminants promotes maximum efficiency, capacity and reliability. It ensures better air quality and more even temperature control. We’d been really remiss in scheduling this service; Before I could make the call, my hubby decided to handle these tasks on her own. He’s not especially handy, although I figured she couldn’t hurt anything. She spent an entire Sunday taking the air conditioner apart and working on it. When she put everything back together, there were parts leftover. The air conditioner wouldn’t even start up anymore. I then hired an Heating and Air Conditioning company for air conditioner repair, which was much more costly than maintenance.

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