Hunting for a condo

My fiance and I have been house hunting for almost six months now! When we got married, we chose to live in an apartment building and then take our time finding the perfect locale for us. There were numerous things that eventually pushed us to begin our house hunt. Several things about the apartment made us angry us enough that we decided to call a real estate agent. One of the most tedious things about our place was that we had little control of the heating and cooling of the space. We couldn’t make any updates to the heating and cooling systems. We were stuck with what was already there. It had an old heating and cooling system, so we struggled while in the peak of winter and summer to maintain a good temperature. The heating system was only strong enough to warm us up if we were laying close to the unit, and the cooling system worked similarly. When we began our house hunt, we needed to find somewhere with an updated heating and cooling unit or with a setup that would allow for an HVAC update. We aim to find a house with a new HVAC system, and maybe a smart thermostat or heated flooring, but I suppose we can’t be too picky. To be honest, nothing has been to our liking yet. I expect that it will be a long road to finding our perfect home. It will be worth the wait, especially if our house allows us to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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