Humidity keeping me from being able to see

Driving for six hours through the night is no easy task, but it only gets harder if it happens to be raining when you make the drive! That’s always my luck, as my girlfriend and I often drive across the state to visit family out west. We live in a pretty hot and humid region, so the rain doesn’t really cool us down as much as it would further up north. In fact, the rain can leave you begging for a dehumidifier to make it easier to see! Anyone who’s taken a science course knows that when warm humid air meets a cool surface, condensation forms. Well, If you’re driving in a rainstorm in the deep south, and the air conditioning system in the car is running pretty cold, you’ll find that your windows are too fogged over to see through them. That’s when you get to make the decision between driving with the A/C off, or driving with the windows slightly cracked. It’s an awful experience no matter what! I always find myself opting to just go without the A/C running and having the heating system run to defog the windows. What’s crazy to me is that the rear window of my car has a heating system embedded in the glass, which heats up to clear away fog or ice. Seeing as that’s essentially how a radiator works, I can’t help but wonder why no one has put that technology into the front window of a car?

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