Huge A/C problems

For the last ten years, I have been working as an air conditioning maintenance technician.  It seems like every summer, we have the same problems with the AC units. It gets really bad during mid-June to mid-August, when the temperatures are at their highest.   When there is a twenty degree spike in the heat index, it becomes a big problem with the air conditioning. My biggest job is putting in new capacitors at least twice a week, during those weeks.  The motor fan is another big concern for air conditioner owners. The fan i located right behind the AC, where the temperatures soar. The typical fan motor is really expensive to replace and the cost is generally well over $400.  However, the biggest problem is when the compressor fails. The compressor is like having the motor in your car go out. It is a major component and it is what makes the air conditioner, the air conditioner. When the compressor goes bad, you can expect to have to purchase a new AC unit.  I won’t even argue with the people when they want it repaired. The compressor is so expensive, that it is hardly worth even buying a new compressor or fixing it, when it dies. The price difference is so minor, that it is a waste of time and money., At that point, I just make a suggestion that they upgrade to an AC unit with a higher efficiency rating, or SEER.  I can’t force people to buy the new Air Conditioner, but when I do the write up for the compressor, they usually make the suggestion by themselves.

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