How to speak HVAC

I am good with people, it is a talent I was born with. I do not say this is a bragging way, it is nothing to boast about, but some people are naturally good with math, or writing, or working on car engines. I happen to be good at talking to people, dealing with them, communicating with them in a way they can understand. This has made me a very valuable member of several sales teams, because I tend to bolster the entire staff no matter where I work. The problem is that I do not like working sales jobs. My brother owned his own heating and cooling repair business, which has been growing a lot over the last two years. He was having some problems managing his ever-growing force of HVAC techs, and asked me to come in and help him out. This seemed like a great fit to me, because even though I don’t know the first thing about HVAC systems I can deal with any type of person. I was given the job title of HVAC Workforce Consultant, and I loved the job from the very first day. My brother is a genius with business, but always had a problem communicating with his HVAC techs. With me there to serve as a go-between the efficiency of the HVAC business immediately started to pick up. There were still a couple of old-school HVAC techs who were resistant to me coming in as a supervisor. I fired one of them, and what do you know the other HVAC techs all quickly fell into line.

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