How to move the bees

The bees are gently sucked up and the nests are handled delicately

I work for a small bee removal company, then it is amazing the locations bees will create a nest in. I have removed bees from billboards, location structures, light poles and even in a community bike rack, however when commercial bee removal is called for, you already understand the situation is out of control. I have been on the job where you can’t even see the structure there is so many damn bees. When the bees are nested high in the corners of a sizable building, I head up. I either use a sizable ladder, or the people I was with and I have a truck with an extendable, mechanical lift system. My friend drives myself and others right to the edge and I go up sometimes hundreds of feet. I go on to vacuum up all the bees with our bee removal tools and even have to take the nest down only using our gloved hands. If you do bee removal enough, you start to become fearless. The crew and I walk into locations of supplier in our suits and prepare to work without the problem of bees. Typically the bees are not aggressive and the people I was with and I can do a live removal. The bees are gently sucked up and the nests are handled delicately. We then chat to a honeykeeper and leave the bees there, however only yellow jackets and Africanized honey bees like to get a little more crazy where the people I was with and I might need to put them down. A huge number of people want to guess if I get stung a lot; Not so much anymore. The more I do bee removal, the better I am at handling the bees in a safe way.