how to fix a window air conditioner

Usually, I have our bestie install our window air conditioner unit. While I am not certainly a high maintenance wifey and I appreciate to do things for myself, this is just something that I have typically allowed women to help me with. I don’t guess anything about heating and cooling, and if it means I don’t have to lift that heavy box unit, then I’m all for accepting the help. Unfortunately, our bestie was out of neighborhood for a few weeks for labor when the weather began to get certainly hot. There was an early, unseasonable heat wave that had temperatures as high as 76 degrees. After a day or 2 of the moderate weather, I decided that I couldn’t wait for our bestie to come lake apartment and took a chance at setting up the window A/C unit myself. I thought I did a certainly wonderful task, but the a/c did not seem that effective. No matter how high I turned up the settings, it never seemed to provide much relief. When our bestie returned, she told me that that was because I didn’t seal the edges, but she had special products that she used to suction the edges of the window and make sure that no air was leaking in or out. As soon as she sealed the borders of the window unit, the air conditioner was in tip top shape. I could know the cool air and was able to use less energy now that no air was escaping. Now I wish I had paid better attention to what our bestie was doing when she set up the window unit in the past. That would have made our month much more cool and pleasant. However, I certainly am lucky that I had him to come repair our errors.

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