How the air conditioner works

My mother used to call me Stormy because for my entire life, I’ve loved for big storms! What is it about pounding rain, ringing thunder, and flashes of brilliant lightning that completely entrances me? I can’t quite say, but I live for these big weather events. I enjoy sitting out, seeing the trees bend, feeling tiny in the immense power of the storm. I also like sleeping peacefully, huddled up with my family, the sheets of rain lulling us into a deep slumber. I’ve never experienced a big thunderstorm that I didn’t appreciate… until last month! In the blink of an eye, our region transitioned from bitterly frigid winter to sizzling and humid summer. With this enormous air quality change, came an immense series of tumultuous storms. I, of course, was in heaven, basking in the sounds and sights… until the a/c quit. Then all of a sudden, there was a mighty gust of wind, a loud crash, and the crisp air in the house became quite stagnant. I went to the thermostat to investigate, and found that the a/c unit had gone offline! Peering out back into the darkness, I saw our AC unit hidden beneath a big limb when the next flash of lightning lit up the yard. Great. It was so vicious outside that none of us could even venture out to investigate the central cooling system’s destruction! My family and I were already pretty sure that it was going to be a big expense, but we had no idea what else was coming our way. With another immense gust of wind, a big limb fell onto the side of our house, crushing the west wall and bringing the HVAC ducts down as well. So not only did we acquire quite the insurance claim and house construction project, but our entire central cooling plan and a big portion of our HVAC air duct needed replacement after the storms.

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