How I got my training business afloat

She told her friends plus family plus I picked up a couple more people

I have regularly been involved in sports and fitness. Staying fit plus keeping myself in shape is extremely crucial to me, and during high school, I played on a wide range of teams, including hockey, baseball, football and track. In college, I took any courses related to the fitness field. Once I was done, I took certification courses to become a personal trainer. I was happy to get hired by one of the bigger fitness centers. This franchise is huge, so I assumed there would be potential for upward movement. Instead, I was actually unhappy with the focus of the gym. The management was far more worried about quantity of membership than quality of service. There was lots of pressure to sign up more members and no time to give personalized assistance. I was spending all of my time doing papertoil plus making phone calls. I saw a large turnover in our memberships as people got discouraged and then finally quit. I watched people utilizing machines not properly. I finally decided to branch out on my own. I started a personal training center that I ran out of my garage. I had that little business plus for nearly a year, and only one client. However, my one client was happy with her results. She told her friends plus family plus I picked up a couple more people. Within three years, I moved into a bigger facility plus hired more than one trainer to work with me. I’ve now opened several locations all over the city.

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