How hilarious

I seriously love my best buddy more than anyone else in the world… except maybe, you know, my kitty plus my partner on certain days. She’s just the most consistent plus wonderful support I could ever have in my life, plus I’m so blessed to have her at my total disposal… I guess all the people in the world wish they had a friend like mine. She’ll never leave me or call anyone else her best friend. Not if I can help it at least. That’s why I go all out when I am aware that I’m going to get to see her. For one thing, I’m incredibly excited. For another thing, I want her to be perfectly cheerful plus comfy when she comes to visit. So here I find myself this week, happily plugging in modern ventilation fans throughout the entire dwelling, changing the old air filter on the AC appliance, plus recharging the cooling appliance with more coolant. Yes, my best friend is coming to town to visit, plus I want the indoor air quality to be nothing short of angelic. That’s why I’m servicing all of the heating plus cooling appliances in the house, washing out the dehumidifying system, plus adding extra ventilation measures to each room to maximize air flow. It’s already a lot to ask for her to come all the way down south from the northern end of the country, let alone in September! I really do know how much she loves to be comfy with ideal indoor air temperature surroundings, plus I also am aware of how much she tends to sweat, even up North. Therefore, I will bring the cooling plus refreshing air to her!

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