Housecleaning Discovery

Just last month I was doing some deep house cleaning. Was doing the dusting, some repairs of small things around the house and scrubbing a lot of dust, grime, dirt and pet dander from the corners of the walls. When I went up on the ladder to scrub down the grates of my heating and air conditioning air ducts, I noticed that it was really dirty inside and out as well! This alerted me to the fact that I probably need to have my entire ductwork cleaned out. That can get to be a bit expensive, which is how and why this ended up happening. I have not had my ductwork cleaned in almost 3 years! So, after discovering this during my house cleaning, I made a decision to pick up the phone and call out to my local heating and cooling company to see how much it would cost to have one of their heating and cooling specialists come out to do the deep ductwork cleaning. The heating and cooling company was very helpful and friendly, the price was right, and I scheduled for a certified heating and cooling specialist to come out to my home to do my very first ductwork cleaning in all that time! They were pretty quick to get me the HVAC appointment, and the heating and cooling specialist was out to my house the very next day and my ductwork was finally cleaned. I will have to call the heating and cooling specialist more regular to get this ductwork cleaning done monthly in future.