Hound dog

About six months ago, the garage door broke. One of the spindles needs to be replaced, and the job is going to cost $300. I haven’t had $300 extra to fix the garage door, so we haven’t been parking the car in the space. For the last six months, we have been using the garage as a second living room. The kids brought home an old couch, and we already had a refrigerator in the space. When we got a new puppy, we started using the space as a second living room. It was easier to keep the puppy outside, because we had carpets in most of the house. If a puppy has an accident, we can quickly clean it up off the concrete. A funny thing has been occurring, since the weather has been warm and we have been using the AC. Every time the AC unit makes a click sound, the motor immediately turns on. As soon as the AC unit makes the click, the new puppy starts howling. I don’t know if she is afraid of the sound of the motor, or if she just likes to howl. She makes the howling sound every time she can hear the click of the AC unit. When we are inside of the house, she can’t hear any of those noises at all. She doesn’t howl like that, even when the AC starts blowing. It’s the strangest anomaly, and I can’t find any information online. I guess my hound dog is the only crazy animal that howls when they hear a strange sound.

a/c unit