Home security system installation

My wife and I moved into this neighborhood, because it was safe and quiet. When we thought about buying a house, we researched all of the local neighborhoods. My wife and I didn’t want to buy a house in a neighborhood that was full of trash. We researched all of the areas for months, before finally deciding to move. My wife and I bought a nice three bedroom house with a screened porch and a large back yard. We even have a small flower garden in the front yard, with lilies, daisies, and two different kinds of ivy. My wife and I have been very happy in this neighborhood for 20 years. Last year, we started to have some problems in the area. Two houses in our neighborhood were burglarized and a car window was smashed as well. As soon as my wife and I heard about the crime, we decided to install a security system in our home. My wife called a few different places, and got some information on security system installations. We chose a well-known security company in the area. They have 24 hour monitoring services and claim to send the police in less than 30 seconds. My wife and I installed motion detectors in the front and backyard. We also installed security features on the windows and doors. My wife and I spent a few hundred dollars to install all of the security measures. The security system installation company was very knowledgeable and friendly. They even tested our security system several times, to be sure it was functioning properly. Now that my wife and I have our own security system, we don’t worry as much about break ins.

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