Holiday Ice Skating In Warmth

During the Christmas season, I love to take my kids to the ice skating rink.

I could not ice skate to save my life! But my kids are really great at it, and the whole atmosphere around there during the holiday season is a great feeling.

The other thing that feels great is the heating inside the ice skating rink. A lot of ice rinks are outdoors, and that time of year its for good reason because of how freezing it is! But the way they have the heating and the ice set up in this indoor ice skating rink somehow works to where the ice won’t melt, and the central heating system is working really well at the same time. I don’t know much about the technical aspect of all of that, or how they can have the heater cranked so nicely without having the beautiful ice skating rink melt. But why ask? I just enjoy the wonderful heating and my kids having fun in the place. They do have a commercial heating system, I know that much, because I have actually seen their commercial heating system while walking into the place. They have their commercial heating system right on the roof of the place. And it is a huge HVAC unit. I have never seen such a large heating unit in my entire life. Since the place is not opened in the summer months, it’s more than likely just a stand along commercial heating system, with no air conditioning. Every year I always look forward to Christmas. This ice rink along with all of the holiday festive spirit is the best part.

Air conditioning expert