Histori Home Presents Heating Inconsistencies

Every time I go to visit my sister out of state I spend the whole time freezing because her heater is insufficient! I happen to only be able to get time off from my task to visit her close to Christmas, so the need for the heater is real.

  • So because of this I have to deal with what’s ahead if I want to see my sister.

Her house is a historic model, and the HVAC is not the greatest, especially the heater. She has central heating & a/c. However the central heating just doesn’t reach every nook and cranny of her house! Especially in the guest room which serves as my room when I visit. This year when I go to visit her again in a few months I have a great idea. Before I leave, I will get a portable area heater to bring with me! If I had a portable area gas furnace with myself and others I will have a much better time visiting! I told my sister when I spoke on the phone with her the other day about her heating situation. She thought it was a great idea! She confessed whe does not know what portable area heatersare. So I informed her about them. My sister said she was going to possibly go out & get herself a few area furnaces for the dining room and her bedroom. She still mentioned that I should buy & bring my own area gas furnace just for the guest room, which would help her save a few bucks. She only had enough spare money to buy an area gas furnace for the dining room and the one master bedroom. I am excited to see my sister!.


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