Hissing water pipes

The other morning I got up out of bed and I swore I could hear hissing in my room.  I woke up my husband and told him I heard hissing. He said I was nuts and I should go back to sleep.  My mind was going crazy. I was imagining a snake in our room, or worse yet, one of those hissing cockroaches.  We didn’t live where there were hissing cockroaches, so my mind ruled that nightmare out. There was no way a snake could get into our bedroom without having seen it somewhere else, so I began to think I had been dreaming and I laid back down.  A couple minutes later, I heard the hissing again and I woke him up again. He laid there for a minute, but then he got up. He had also heard the weird noise. It seemed to be coming from our closet and the only thing in there was the hot water pipes.  He went over to touch it, and they were so hot, they were nearly glowing. I had to get all of the clothing from that side of the closet while he went down to look at the furnace. We have a boiler system and the temperature valve had stuck once before. This had allowed the boiler to heat the water to where it was steam.  I had to call the HVAC company while he shut down the boiler system before the pipes blew. I think that will be the last time he tells me I’m crazy when I say I hear something.

HVAC service plan