Hiring custom craftsman for bed-and-breakfast renovation

About six years ago, I purchased a historical home right along the river.

The house was constructed in the early 1800’s and features much of the original hardwood floors, doors, moldings and banisters.

The property is huge, and it was my intention to convert it into a bed-and-breakfast. I needed to invest in extensive renovation and yet was determined to retain the architectural integrity. Furnishing the various rooms also presented a challenge. I decided to start right out with a custom furniture shop. I took advantage of the experience and expertise of a master craftsman to plan the layout of the rooms. He helped me to design a plan to minimize disruption of the original floor plan and make the most of the square footage. We developed a theme for each of the bedrooms and carried this through with all of the furnishings. The extensive resources of this custom furniture shop includes draperies, rugs, bedding and all manner of decor options. Everything was constructed to optimize the aesthetics, style and functionality of each room. We chose types of wood, stains, finishes and style of construction of the beds, dressers, night tables and chairs to compliment the history of the home. We chose a color palette for each of the rooms and carried this through with the window coverings, quilts, pillows and carpets. Although working with a custom craftsman added a great deal of time and expense to the project, his efforts were invaluable to the success of my bed-and-breakfast. Everyone who stays with me is overwhelmed by the authentic feel, quality and comfort of my home.
Wooden table