Here’s how I learned to do my own HVAC maintenance

A few years ago I really needed to fix my HVAC system but I had no idea how to do it.

I called an HVAC technician and I was appalled at the high cost for HVAC maintenance but I really needed to have an air conditioner.

I realized that if I wanted an AC unit I would have to learn how to fix it on my own. The first thing that I did was figure out how to take my AC unit apart. Once I took my AC unit apart I realized how many HVAC parts were in front of me so I continued doing research on the internet. Once I was done with doing research about HVAC I realized that I had learned a ton about HVAC parts just by watching videos and trying to figure out how things work to run the AC unit. It felt really good to understand the mechanics of my air conditioner and I knew that I was close to understanding how to fix my AC unit for good. A few more days of research led me to completely understanding how to fix my HVAC system. The fix for my AC unit was simple and all I had to do was order an HVAC part that was missing from my system. I ended up saving a ton of money by not having to call an HVAC technician and I seriously couldn’t be happier with my progress in HVAC. Sometimes my friends ask my to come and fix their HVAC system which I think is really funny!

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