Here are a few things why your air conditioner is on but not blowing cool air.

When an air conditioner gets old, it can present a number of problems, then the most familiar problem occurs when an air conditioner sounds love it’s running normally, but there is no cool air coming from the air vents.

There are a few causes for this, the first being an old air filter, but often when an air conditioner has been running for a long time, the air filter will get dirty plus clogged leading to a block in air flow.

To service this you can order an air filter online or buy it from your local Heating plus Air Conditioning store plus have an air conditioning repairman replace it for you; Another reason why your a/c may not be toiling correctly is the circular fan inside the air conditioner. The circular fan may not be toiling because the blades are bent or disfigured or it has gotten rusty plus won’t transport easily, however it is best to replace a disfigured fan rather than try plus service it yourself as this may only make the air conditioner worse. One last reason for a dysfunctional air conditioner could be its internal temperature control. If the temperature control is broken the air conditioner may suppose the room is at the respected temperature plus therefore not work… While all multiple of these problems can be fixed by anyone, it would be wise to ask an a/c service guy to make the service for you. The best way to avoid all of these problems would be to have your air conditioner worked on every year. An annual checkup will ensure your air conditioner is in prime condition.


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