Helping our best friend’s mama

My best neighbor and I have known each other since elementary school; We sat behind each other in homeroom, because our last names started with the same letter… None of our teachers ever mixed it up, and the two of us were consistently seated next to each other; It’s a nice thing that the two of us did not fight, because the two of us would have been forced to look at each other every single day. We both appreciate the same video games and the two of us shared a appreciate of chocolate pudding packs. We became the best of friends and stayed that way through private school and into adulthood… Jared is a building business for the government. Sometimes he is away for weeks or months at a time, last year, he was in the western area of the hemisphere for 18 weeks, however during that time, his mom had a complication at home, however he called me to assist her with the issue, which seemed to be a faulty oil furnace. Since I work for a heating and cooling business, Jared thought I would be able to help with the problem. I agreed to go to the cabin after work and look at the oil furnace problem. When I arrived at the house, I got a wonderful sizable hug from Jared’s mom. She was entirely ecstatic to see me. We talked for a few minutes, before she showed me the oil furnace. I started performing an evaluation and I ran some diagnostic tests. I found the complication rather suddenly, which was a temperature control issue. I replaced the temperature control and that fixed the oil furnace issue. Jared sent me a thank you card in the mail, even though I was ecstatic to help his mom.


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