Heating situation when I camp

Camping can be such a great experience for a family to share together. I remember doing a lot of camping, when I was just a kid. My parents used to go to the lake every single weekend, and we slept in a tent, and cooked all of our food on the campfire. Lunch and dinner typically consisted of fish, and breakfast was basically always bacon and eggs. My siblings and I always had a wonderful time with our friends. We went camping until late in September, when the weather was starting to get absolutely nippy. My parents had a small battery operated heating device that the two of us took with us in the Fall. It was nice to go camping in the Fall, because we could have a campfire and roast marshmallows. It was seriously too hot for a raging fire in the summertime months. My parents would turn on the heating device a little while before we went to sleep in the tent, however the portable heating device took the chill out of the air entirely, so the two of us could fall asleep and rest well. The battery operated heating device had a timer on the side, so we could set the heating device to run for 2,4, or 8 hours at a time. That little heating device lasted for several years, until we eventually had to buy something else. I still go camping with my family often, and we really enjoy sleeping under the stars. We still use our tent and sleeping bags. We also have a small electric space heating device for the Winter weather. We pretty much always stay in a camping facility with electricity, running water, and showers. I’ve gotten incredibly spoiled over the last few years.

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